Sabado, Hunyo 15, 2013

More Assignments for First Week

One week of School was completed yesterday, It's friday of course and P.E day , The first P. E day of the school Year.

Here are the twins wearing their P. E uniform.

Nothing special happened that day. When we went home I was surprised with the assignments teacher Lota gave. As if there's no tomorrow

See this:

They also need to memorize this Poem:

I Think the twins can't memorize this poem yet because, when I told them to say Watawat they will say "Tawawat".

I think every weekend we have lots of assignments to do..Yun ang naririnig ko sa mga parents na naging student ni teacher Lota yung mga anak eh..Grabe daw talaga magbigay ng assignment.

So far naka-half na kami sa assignment.More to go.

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