Huwebes, Pebrero 21, 2013

Happy Bday: Lola Condring

Last February 19 was MIL's Birthday, She's turning 54.. Papeng and I decided to come over.. Papeng didn't go to work, and as for me it's my Day off, but I'm from night shift. And the twins didn't come to school..They waited for me to come home and we headed to Antipolo. We first bought cake from Red Ribbon.

We arrived almost 9am in the morning.. The kids played as if there's no other day..

Here's papeng with the kids:)

Yanelle have this small plastic animal toys, where in they put on a rope and they are pulling it..They call that black one as "baw" short for kalabaw..

 While Us have some chit chats..MIL said that she's not expecting visitors.. When lunch came we had Tinolang manok cooked by my FIL.. After that I rested at the sofa in the living room..I didn't expect that I will sleep,. I was shocked when I open my eyes and saw many people in the living room..hahaha..As in I was not awaken by their chitchats and noise..

That's the cake & The 3 Granddaughters.

Here's Yanelle & Me:)

Here's the twins:)

And here's a view of their place..So relaxing and calming.

Around 5pm when we decided to go home. We still need to pass by SM Marikina to change the size of the sandals I bought last monday,. It's too small for them..

Finally we got home around 8PM..Were all dead tired..After we wash we got off to bed and went to dream land.

Sabado, Pebrero 16, 2013

Happy Bday: Anne

Aside from valentines celebration at the school, It's also Anne's bday..Anne if you can remember her,. She is Sophia's mom..Sophia is twin's classmate but she transferred to different school now, but every time we have party or any celebration they are still present..

Again like we always do, we shared bday cake for her.. She brings ice cream and ham roll also.. So after the class we decided to stay at ate divine's house the one near our school to eat,. we can't stay longer because I still have work. So after eating we headed home..

Here's our bday pictures that day..:)

moms in the school

That's me with stephanie

our food

anne, me and rachelle with twins & pia

Even we didn't see each other everyday, You were always in our mind, we always talk about you and include you in every plans we made..Happy Birthday Anne wish you more bdays to come..take care always and be happy.:)

Late Valentines Celebration @ School

Like what I said in my previous Post, They Celebrated the Valentines day February 15 instead of Feb 14.. The reason why is for them to have more time and it also falls on friday, P.E day..

The Kids were asked to wear red shirt, and their P.E Shorts..Ang sad part dun when I checked the twins cabinet, aba walang kahit isang red na damit..Puro violet, orange and yellow ang meron naka naman..So last monday ngarag akong pumunta ng Sta lucia to but their red shirt,.nakabili naman ako.

They were also asked to bring something to give to their classmates.. I decided to just give chocolates and candies..Curly tops and assorted candies that I bought when we had our groceries.

So when recess came,.ayan na kagulo na..One of their classmate bring spaghetti, Barbecue and sandwich.
The rest are candies and C2 with chocolate biscuit.

Don't mind the pic with ice cream, I'll have a different blog post abut that.

After eating if you call that eating,.because they were busy playing and eating chocolates first they didn't mind eating the spaghetti,. so  in the end I was the one who eats the food..So busog.

They practice their dance for the graduation..then have the chance to play then by 10:30 time to go home..

Huwebes, Pebrero 14, 2013

February Happenings

First of all I would like to greet you a Happy Valentines day,.

This post is about the happenings for late January and first part of February, Actually hindi naman ganun kadami haha..Just some of the Highlights.

First, the upcoming end of the school year hehehe..which I like most, xempre 2 months akong pahinga galore sa paghatid-sundo.. About the twins schooling so far they're ok naman, they know how to count, add and subtract,. Sometimes they forgot the letters that I don't know if Arte lang or what.

Here's their pic at school with Anton & Yoel:)

Second, It's ash Wednesday last Feb 13, and it's the first time for the twins to have cross in their forehead..Jeymie was iritated, but for Jeychelle it's just if parang wala lang..:) She doesn't care at all kung anu man ung nilagay ni Father sa noo niya.

Jeymie: Mama, alis to dirty eh.
Mama: No, its ok maalis din yan ng kusa.
(So kaka..Ang arte lang ng peg)

After the mass, we headed home kasi may class pa nagmamadali lang ang peg namin coz sa sobrang daldal ni father 7am na pala.

Third, Last night together with my officemates,. we watched Warm Bodies in SM North. I had the chance to look for a barbie necklace, bracelet and ring.. Jeymie always ask me to buy her a ring.Since it's a valentines day that will be my gift to them.

They were so happy when they saw this, Pinagmalaki agad nila kay papa nila..And they can't wait for the morning because I promised them that they can wear it at the School.

I also bought heart Balloon at the National Bookstore for teacher Gaily, I don' have time to buy flowers and flowers were too expensive hehehe:)

And this is their picture at the bulletin board in their school.

And lastly,. Their first Valentines Card for Us..their Parents.

Event though I can't understand what they wrote, I'm still happy because it was made for Us.

And tomorrow, they will celebrate Valentines day at the school. They move it for friday so that they can have more time "daw" according to teacher Gaily.

That's all for now..Happy Valentines Day again Everyone:)

Biyernes, Pebrero 1, 2013

Graduation day is coming

January 23, 2013 they had the picture taking for the graduation pictures,. and last Tuesday teacher Gaily distributed the pictures to the parents and here it is: 

Their Graduation will be on March 19, malapit na.. but before that birthday muna nila:)

I'm so excited for march:) so many celebrations.

Wedding:: Jen & Ramil

Last January 30 2013, My cousin decided to tie the knot with his BF. They've been together for almost 6 years. The church is Our Lady of the Abandoned in Marikina just near our place and the Reception is at Kapitan Moy only a few walk from the church.

My twins were the Flower Girls., Oo natupad na ang isa sa mga dreams ko bilang nanay.
Last Decemebr nung nagsukatan sila for the dress. And mejo nagkaproblema lang ng konti sa mga Dress ng entourage kasi mejo palpak yung nakuha nilang mananahi., Tuesday na nung nakuha namin yung gown, 1 day before the wedding san ka pa diba?!

3:30 pa ang call time sa church so dahil wednesday may pasok sila pinapasok ko pa rin sila sayang ang araw hehe, Good thing Rest day ko that day so less haggard. Pag uwi natulog pa kami then gumising ng 2pm and start n ng pagpapaganda sa dalawang kuting. We're on time naman sa Church, hindi na din nman kami maxadong naghintay ng matagal kasi on time din nman dumating ang bride bawal ma-late kabilin bilinan ni father.

So here's my kids:

Our Family

US again

With Lola

With Kua totong

With Ate diane
Church Pics:


twins with Aizen

Parents of the Bride

The Bride

Ang kakulitan sa simbahan.:)


The wedding reception was hosted by two gays and they were awesome, They are really  funny.:)

We got home almost 8:30pm na, nkpaguwi pa kami ng foods kasi madaming hindi dumating so madami din foods natira.

Congrats to the Newly wed couple., Hope your marriage long last and always love each other.
Thanks for making my dream come true, for my twins to experience being a flower girl..I owe you a lot.