Martes, Mayo 29, 2012

UNEXPECTED TWINS - Double the Love, Double the Hugs and Kisses

UNEXPECTED TWINS - Double the Love, Double the Hugs and Kisses

Being a parent twins or multiples is an experience full of ups and downs. There are many challenging times, for sure, but also plenty of moments where you feel so lucky and blessed to have them. These are some of the things that I love most about being a mom of twins.

1. Armfuls and Handfuls
Every child fills their parents' hearts and home with joy. That's what I really love about having twins . The love and joy are compounded. Cradling two twinfants in my arms was so incredibly, almost unbearably, sweet. Holding hands with two toddlers -- one on the right, and one on the left -- while crossing the street made me feel complete. Double hugs, double kisses, mommy-in-the-middle "sandwich" cuddles on the couch... life just doesn't get any better than that.

2. Shared Accomplishments
It's always exciting to see your child meet a milestone. But when two or more multiples accomplish their goals simultaneously, it's a wonderful experience for a family.

3. Alike, But Different
It's fascinating to be an observer of twins. With so many similarities, but such stark differences, it's always interesting to see how they develop as individuals. Where parents of singletons may say, "Oh, you are just like your sister was at that age," parents of multiples have an instant basis of comparison and contrast among their children.

4. 2-For-1 Bonus
Short and sweet .... one pregnancy = two babies! Such a deal! Although a pregnancy with multiples may have more risks, and sometimes more complications, it truly is a two-for-one deal.

5. A Sense of Status
Okay, I admit it. I get a little thrill of pride in being a mom of twins. It's like being a part of an elite club. You feel an instant bond with other parents of multiples. I love the reaction I get when I tell people I have twins. "Wow!" "I always wanted twins..." "I don't know how you do it..." It's almost like we enjoy an exclusive status in the parenting world, earning a slight nod of respect for pulling double duty.

6. Sharing
Twins share everything -- their birthday, their parents' attention, and many of their belongings. Although they may get frustrated with their situation, as a parent, it's very gratifying to witness their "what's mine is yours" attitude in a moment of unselfish benevolence.

7. A Beautiful Bond
The twin bond is more enduring than any other relationship on earth, starting even before birth, and often outlasting many friendships and even marriages. Despite their squabbles, it's comforting to know that they will (hopefully) enjoy their unique relationship for all of their lives. As their mother, I feel really privileged to be a party to their special bond, and to have the opportunity to nurture it.

8. Confidence in Companionship
I love the confidence that my twins exhibit simply because they have always had each other to rely on. I love to watch them enter new, unfamiliar situations with total surety because they are together. I love seeing all the ways that being a twin shapes their personalities, both as an advantage and a disadvantage. They have never known loneliness because they've always had each other as a companion.

After the initial shock that I was having twins, I realized that I wouldn't want it any other way. It has been my greatest accomplishment in my life to be pregnant with twins, deliver healthy babies, and to raise twins.

It is challenging at times, but it brings me great joy to watch them grow simultaneously. The most amazing feeling in the world is to be able to hold both your children and get two wet kisses on each cheek at the same time.

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Martes, Mayo 22, 2012

Twins @ river Park:)

This day is one of the few moments na mailalabas ni junrey yung kambal, Since his too workaholic hehe:) hindi naman maxado kinakailangan lang talaga kumayod since Dalawang bagets ang umaasa sakanya..

If I can remember it right, Night shift ako nito kaya hindi ako nakasama since day off niya naisipan nia igala ang kambal sa Marikina River Park.

Parang mga turista lang:)
 Si papa talaga hindi manlang binihisan ang kids..naka pajama pa talaga hehe..
Malapit lang naman daw kasi saka mejo malamig dawkaya hindi na niya pinalitan ng damit:) 

sobrang lamig ba at balot na balot kau?


They don't love green

Oh they love taho much..pero in moderation kasi hindi kasundo ng tummy nila si taho, there was a time kasi na when they eat taho they will have pupu several times a day kaya iniiwasan ko na sila pakainin nean..ewan lang kung anu naisip ng kanilang padir at pinakain sila nean goodthing hindi naman nasira ang tyan nila..:)
Eating taho

yum yum yum


They also love biking:) kahit di naman sila marunong hehehe..I'm thinking  if I will have to buy two bikes with sidecar also haha.. as of now wala pa sa budget yan..time will come hehe sa ngayun magrerent muna tayu ha:)
then go biking:)

As if marunong si ate?

Bugs Bunny

Pahinga daw

Their papa told me that day enjoy the day..SO far tama sya kasi pagdating ko ng house mega kwento na agad ang kambal ng mga pinag gagagawa nila sa park..

Hope sa pagbalik nila dun kasama naman nila ako:)

Love love twins:)

Linggo, Mayo 20, 2012

Graduation Day!! 05182012

At last their School Summer escapade was done..

And I can say  All my efforts, pagod, puyat pagkaboring while waiting for them and specially the tuition is all worth it.. Madaming natutunan ang mga anak ko in span of 27days in school wala pang 1 month pala:)




Happy graduation:)

Teacher Mariz, Principal Santos and Teacher Lota with Jeychelle

At dahil mat topak si jeymie pati ako kasama tuloy sa picture taking:)
Ayaw niya kasi magpapicture:(
Us with their teachers & principal

Whole class with me

Whole class with me
 Ayaw din niya magparticipate kaya si jeychelle lang jeymie andun kalong ni papa nia:(
Phil. National Anthem

Phil. National Anthem

Marikina Hymn
 Hindi na din siya nag introduce ng sarili.ayaw tumayo..kaya sa pictures puro si jeychelle lang yan:)

This part, medyo teary eyed ako.. Feel na feel ko ang pagiging ina. Sobrang proud na proud ako sayo jeychelle:)
She's saying this: My name is Jeychelle M. laurilla. I'm 3years old. I go to C.A Santos Learning center. My Papa's name is junrey and my mama's name is mithelle...She cant pronounce my name yet It should be Michelle
Jeychelle introducing herself


 Pati sa dancing:) si jeychelle lang.:)
Dancing Head shoulders knees and toes:)

Alphabet song:)

Dancing Head shoulders knees and toes:)
 Buti nalang nung kuhaan n nga certificates tumayo na din:)
Jeymie during distribution of certificates

Jeychelle with her certificate
 And eating time:)We bring our share.. Pizza ang share namin, other's were.. Spaghetti, Palabok, puto and Ice cream and drinks.
Sobrang busog naman kami together with the teachers:)
Our foods

Teacher Lota with kids

Closing prayer

Closing prayer



Class Picture:)

That ends my twins journey for their summer class..
Hoping for more active kids this june sa tunay na pasukan!

Goodluck to us!
2-3weeks vacation lang then pasok na uli:)

24th day - 27th day on School

Here comes the last week of their summer class:)

We started the week with some sort of kaguluhan na, Jeymie was slightly not in the mood for this day na umabot na ng buong week hay!
Si jeychelle naman slightly may ubo at sipon although ok pa din naman xa.:) 

First time na kasama nila ako sa room buong 2hours. pano ba naman kasi nakakita ng langgam si jeymie eh takot siya dun ayun ayaw na magpababa tinopak n ng tuluyan hay!

24th day

24th day

Then come tuesday, Wala si mama, I'm in the morning shift, so si lola muna ang maghahatid.Kaso kapag hindi nga ako ang naghahatid ayan tinotopak sila ayaw magpapic tas kung anu anu lang ang  gustong gawin kaya like what happens nung si papa nila ang naghatid sakanilawalang matinong pic at ang mga gamit naku naman:(
25th day
 I dont know the story behind the crying portion pero as you can see jeychelle is holding their Lola's CP so malamang yun na naman ang iniyakan galore niya.

side kwento:) pero nagpaiwan naman daw si jeymie sa room hindi naman siya nagtopak that day buti nalang:)
25th day

 Ayan ok na siya kasi hawak na nia ang CP.

Come Wednesday..Class picture taking for today, that explains why they are in their P.E Uniform.
So neat noh! Per wag ka pag uwi hindi na ata white yung uniform nila.
26th day

 I forgot na the reason why jeychelle is crying malamang npagalitan ko kasi ayaw magpapicture hay!

I'll post their class picture taking separately:) 

Come thurday:) Eto mejo Ok kami nito nagpaiwan si jeymie sa room.
27th day

27th day
 Last day na ito, natapos naman nila lahat yung alphabet altough sa numbers hanggang 9 lang sila pero ok na yun:) sulit naman ang summer class nila:) tomorrow is their graduation day!

Martes, Mayo 15, 2012

Bedtime Routine

Babies, especially newborns, feel more relaxed and less stressed when they have predictable routines in a comfortable and familiar environment and for that Creating a sleep routine is not only beneficial to baby, but also to parents.

Creating a bedtime routine may seem like a ton of hard work; but having a consistent and regular routine that both you and your baby can depend on, will make life so much easier.

Since I have Twins, we already tried different routines, strategies and everything in order for the twins to have their daily sleeping pattern..
I can say that it's really hard, First as twins, they really have their own mood especially when they are still Babies, We really have to grab any opportunity given just for us to have sleep, kasi twins tend to switch hindi sila nagsasabay matulog tendency gising yun isa while tulog yung isa so hindi ka pwede sumabay ng tulog kasi laging may isang gising that's the sad part when they were still Newborn but of course by setting routines gradually natutunan na din nila that they had to sleep na when the T.V was already Off or when the lights are OFF like that..
Before sleeping we usually play, kulitan mode mga ganun lang:
Mga kulitan moments ng mag aama before sleeping:)

But everything is easier now.. 3years old na sila so pag gising sila,watching T.V or playing I can sleep na. I will just tell them na Gisingin si mama if Wiwi or anything ha..
But before We finally had their daily sleep routine syempre madami din pinagdaanang hirap hahaha:)

They usually had Afternoon naps hindi yan mawawala in between 12-3pm pag anpasarap gang 4pm pero ginigising ko na sila pag 4pm na kasi maxado ng mahaba yun dahil pahirapan n nman pag sleep sa gabi.
 Then at night   they usually sleep around 8pm then gising ng 6am at most never sila tinanghali pinaka late na yun 7am na gising nila kahit late na sila natulog..

Now I can say hindi na problema samin ang pagtulog kasi alam n nila yung routine & adopted na sila:)

Jeychelle cant sleep without thumbsucking & Lampin while Jeymie cant sleep without her unan..Unan na 3 years na din at sobrang kuluntoy na.:)

mommy moments