Linggo, Mayo 6, 2012

My first Blog:)

Not really sure how this blog thing is supposed to work, but I'm going to do whatever I need to to get this done. This is my only blog. I like to talk about my family, my Twins, kid stuff & show some photos that I take all week long. I enjoy blogging but sometimes I hit a wall and have no clue what to talk about... so I take a small break and get inspired by other blogs.

I've enjoyed sharing the activities and anything/everything my twins Do with our friends and family, and decided it was time to share them with a larger audience. So before I start writing about my's a Little info about me.! I'll put my answers below the questions to start it off!

My name is Michelle. My sister Gave it to me, (a little trivia) we're only two in the family I'm the youngest, My sister is 11years older than me:) Our parents really follow the Family Planning thing hehehe I am from Marikina City(the Shoe Capital of the Philippines). I'm a true blooded MarikeƱa.

I'm a first time mom with twin namely JEYMIE & JEYCHELLE our family's pride and Joy. I gave birth March 9, 2009 via Caesarian Section..I'm only 21 then., The pregnancy was not planned really.."alam niu naman ang mga kabataan mapusok haha, isa na kami dun ng asawa ko haha"

My hubby's name is Junrey, (another trivia) We're just textmates back then. His high school friend who became my College Schoolmate is the culprit of this Junrey/Mitch Love team..But thanks to him, If not for him I will not meet the love of my life hehe:)
                                                                Twins with Mama & Papa

Some other pertinent characters that I'm sure you'll read over and over here:

Mudra/Nanay/Lola: My mom, we're still living with my parents, although we have our own room, we still share in terms of foods, household chores and everything.

Pudra/Tatay/Lolo: My father, (trivia again) he's already 79years old whoa! but still strong. He's a carpenter but then cant make his own house haha.."pag sa ibang bahay ok siya gumawa pero pag sa sarili niyang bahay hinde, kailangan pa namin kumuha ng ibang gagawa hehe"

Ate Dhaizy/ Tita Dhaizy: My one and only sister, She's now in Finland for about 4 years ata hehe.. My emotional & Financial supporter hehe. The best asarera but the best-EST sister of all.
Melvin/ Kuya totong: Melvin is his real name, Totong is his nick name because of his color haha:) he's my Nephew.One and only son of my sister. They are my immediate family.I'm in contact of them everyday of my life so for sure they will be everywhere in this blog..So it means more more blog pa hehe:)

                                                             Ate, Tatay, Nanay and me!
                                                                Our Humble Family:)

 For a start I think this is good enough.. So here we go with the blogging experience.

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  1. congrats to your new blog!=)nice trivia. we have the same name. =)