Martes, Mayo 15, 2012

Bedtime Routine

Babies, especially newborns, feel more relaxed and less stressed when they have predictable routines in a comfortable and familiar environment and for that Creating a sleep routine is not only beneficial to baby, but also to parents.

Creating a bedtime routine may seem like a ton of hard work; but having a consistent and regular routine that both you and your baby can depend on, will make life so much easier.

Since I have Twins, we already tried different routines, strategies and everything in order for the twins to have their daily sleeping pattern..
I can say that it's really hard, First as twins, they really have their own mood especially when they are still Babies, We really have to grab any opportunity given just for us to have sleep, kasi twins tend to switch hindi sila nagsasabay matulog tendency gising yun isa while tulog yung isa so hindi ka pwede sumabay ng tulog kasi laging may isang gising that's the sad part when they were still Newborn but of course by setting routines gradually natutunan na din nila that they had to sleep na when the T.V was already Off or when the lights are OFF like that..
Before sleeping we usually play, kulitan mode mga ganun lang:
Mga kulitan moments ng mag aama before sleeping:)

But everything is easier now.. 3years old na sila so pag gising sila,watching T.V or playing I can sleep na. I will just tell them na Gisingin si mama if Wiwi or anything ha..
But before We finally had their daily sleep routine syempre madami din pinagdaanang hirap hahaha:)

They usually had Afternoon naps hindi yan mawawala in between 12-3pm pag anpasarap gang 4pm pero ginigising ko na sila pag 4pm na kasi maxado ng mahaba yun dahil pahirapan n nman pag sleep sa gabi.
 Then at night   they usually sleep around 8pm then gising ng 6am at most never sila tinanghali pinaka late na yun 7am na gising nila kahit late na sila natulog..

Now I can say hindi na problema samin ang pagtulog kasi alam n nila yung routine & adopted na sila:)

Jeychelle cant sleep without thumbsucking & Lampin while Jeymie cant sleep without her unan..Unan na 3 years na din at sobrang kuluntoy na.:)

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  1. your kids are adorable. i cant imagine how to care for twins!! :D i see you are doing a great job! :) Happy mommy moments!