Martes, Enero 22, 2013

Office Invasion

At first I was hesitant, Because I thought baka magkulit at mainip lang sila sa office., but then I gave in. I want them to see what I do at the office so I decided to tag them along with me in the office but only one by one, di ko keri dalawa sila agad baka di na ko makapag work ng maayos.

I have work during sundays 7am-3:30pm,  January 13, when I brought Jeymie to the office after mass 6am we headed to my office, Jeychelle goes home with my parents because Papeng also had work. We bought our foods at jollibee before going to office wala kasi kaming baon food hehe. We bought Extra large Fries and 1pc burger steak for her breakfast, Ako tama na yun pancit at lechong kawali na binili ko sa karinderia hehe:) So there you go I thought I will be late kasi andami pa namin dinaana but then I'm 2 minutes ahead of our biometrics hehe. So ayun After breakfast nanood lang xa saglit ng movie sa youtube, I told her to sleep nakatulog naman siya,.After an hour she wakes up and nangulit na so I let her draw in office paint, watch a movie and told her to write numbers para di mainip, maya maya kakanta daw siya so ayun mega kanta na wala naman maintindihan, My officemates were so fond of her. Luch came she didn't want to eat kasi naubos na nia yung fires ng mag isa lang siya. Nga pala di niya kinain yung burger steak kasi pasalubong daw niya yun kay jeychelle,. And we also called Jeychelle at home,. they talked through the fone as if ilang taon silang di nagkita hehehe.. After lunch Papeng texted me na pauwi na siya at susunduin nalang daw nila kami ni jeychelle dito sa office so when we are about to go home they came by 4pm were on our way home when I decided to pass by Riverbanks, They wanted to play so we let them play for an hour for 60pesos each. After that we all go home tired but happy.

Here's Jeymie's pictures during her stay at my office.

Ayan sleep galore siya.

So here comes January 20, That will be Jeychelle's invasion., Again After Mass we headed to office drop by at jollibee this time we bought Pancake And Extra large fries again,.it's my twins favorite if you will ask hehe..
Like what jeymie did last sunday jeychelle also do all that, aside from ang takaw niya that day,. We have our mini store in the office it's an honesty store you will write what you get and pay it during pay day.. Mega turo talaga siya she don't want zesto she wants sprite,.but it's ok minsan lang naman eh. naubos din niya yung mga binili namin sa jollibee not minding the pasalubong for her ate, she told me that we will buy hamburger or donuts nalang when we go home daw. Unlike last sunday hindi kami susunduin nila papeng kasi may work daw siya night ng sunday so after my shift we went home, but papeng don't have work pala that day, I just rest a bit and iron our uniforms for the week.. So tiring day.. Wla ng pahinga grabe..I want a week Off hahahah..

Here's jeychelle's pics:

This week week we will be having our change scheds pa naman I will not have an off..Next week pa..Kawawa naman ako hahaha:) Good vibes!!

Meeting For Graduation Day of my Princessitas

Last Friday,  We had our meeting at the school, we discussed the upcoming Graduation day.
After Recess the kids were sent upstairs to watch a movie so that we, parents can concentrate with our discussion., But earlier to that I claimed my twins Report Card for third grading period. I didn't have a post regarding their 2nd grading period report card because I'm too busy that time of December.
Their grades didn't change that much., But according to teacher Gaily Jeymie is good at writing while Jeychelle is too lazy to write though she still manage to follow. Jeymie also is good at Numbers & Science. She can count 1-10 and also add to the sum of ten., She can also writes the number. I don't know what happens to Jeychelle, Ever since she's not into writing, every time we're about to write she'll say I'm tired mama I'll sleep, but then all she will do is to play, I just don't want to force her, But then I always tell her to study first before anything else..And with Regards to their behavior I think they improves a lot Because they now have Very Satisfactory remarks.

 So here's their grades.,

Jeychelle's Card

Jeymie's Card
During our meeting, teacher Gaily handed us their examination paper so that we can see how they answer their papers of course with her guide, but they definitely choose the answer,. Jeymie's scores were all good, for a 3 year old to get a 95 in math exam is great, but then I feel sad when I saw Jeychelle's Math score,.
 it's 78,  I don't know what she did during the exams.

So let's go on with our meeting, We discussed their upcoming Graduation day that will be held March 19, 2013., Practice falls down March 11-March 15,. I immediately asked how it will be going because March 11 is their bday and I'm already planning on celebrating it at the School,.Teacher Gaily suggest that I do it after practice 1pm.,  so good, We can have games because there's no class after.

We Also discussed the "gastos" hehe, Girls will pay 600 each for their grad dress, they will not be using toga.
So I will be paying automatically 1200 for the dress:) So much of gastos...
They grad fee will be 600 each also another 1200 for me PAK na PAK talaga..,and 100 each for their Grad Pic that will be held tomorrow. all in all I will pay 2600,. and not only that the shoes is white and the Pantyhose stockings pa,. So much much gastos for march so as early as now unti unti ko ng bibilhin mga kailangan for their bday para di ako masyado mabigatan sa gastos..

After the meeting we went home na, I rest rest rest, sa sobrang pahinga pagdating ng hapon I got bored., Naisip ko magpractice ng make up nila for their grad pic and sa pagflower girl nila this coming Jan 30 I'll have separate  post for that.
Naisip ko I will be using my lipstick and blush on to them baka mairitate ng face so I decided to buy them a barbie set of make ups.

So here's my pretty princessitas:


My kids are so Adorable, I'm proud to be their mom:) 

Lunes, Enero 14, 2013

Xmas Party with Mommies & Kids at Home -- Late post

I've already posted Their Xmas party kahit super late na., Isa pa kasi sa mga nacorrupt na pictures yung pics during our Xmas party wiht the mommies, you know who are they naman na,. My mommy friends at the school,. We've been planning this xmas party long long ahead pa,. We decided to have savings na hanggang 300 lang naman ang naipon hehe..But we still push it through. After their xmas Party at Mcdo we also had our Xmas party at home, at our house., Since I was the head aligaga hehe, I decided to have games also for the kids,. Playok ang sabit sabit ata yun hehe:)
 We also have our exchange gifts, Mother's only. We have our drawlots a week before. 200 for our exchange gift and 300 each for the food.

Our food were BBQ From Anne, , Puto & Ice cream from Rachel, Tilapia &  Spaghetti mudra cooked and Cake which  from our Contribution, the menudo is from Anne also.

After eating we had our games., And the exchange gift portion., Medyo in rush na kasi pagabi na that time.

We had fun sobra. lalo na ang kids dami candies eh hehe:)

This is what I had in our exchange gift. It's from ate Lulu

This is our exchange gift portion:

We also have our give aways, its a mug were in there's our picture. That's also what I gifted to them their couple pics.and for the kids I gave them what I gave to twins classmates the chocolates.

After the party ang dami pang natirang food,. And nakalimutan namin kainin yung ice cream,. hehe sa sobrang gulo and saya nakalimutan na yun.

Good thing talaga Rest day ko that day kaya di ako haggard,. nakapagpahinga ako the whole night kasi sobrang pagod:)  But sobrang saya.

Christmas Party -Late Post


I told you before that my memory card was corrupted andun lahat yung pics nila nung Xmas Party..Sobrang sad ko kasi I thought di na marerecover, HMmmm Narecover nga pero yung iba lang..

So let me share to you my twins Xmas party, Their First Xmas party ever.. Their party was Dec 18, 2012.
The venue is at Mcdonalds. Supposedly their will wear something red & wear santa hat.

I don't have a pic of their solo attire, it was corrupted in my memory card., that's why I'm so saaaad..

But here they are:

They wore, Sexy shorts, A blouse and a boots.

Most of them was wearing boots, its a boots day.
And their first game was to remove your shoes and be able to wear them first but you need to find your shoes first..Eh ofcourse sa dami ng kids at hindi naman marunong magsuot yung dalawa naipit pa sila sa kaguluhan ayun talo hehehe.

Then they had bring me games, Eh jan aq winner haha always ready,. Invitation ata yung pinadala,. Nanalo si jeychelle she won this.

Then After that, Join ang mga parents, Couple kasi dapat,. pinili kami ni teacher Gaily to join., 4pairs.
Dapat daw mahulaan ni Mister kung sino ang misis niya sa apat..the Husband is blindfolded.

The first Father is from other nursery section so di ko siya knows hehehe.,
The Emcee said amuyin niya yung  uhok ng apat na misis then sabihin niya kung sino yung asawa niya sa apat. So he smell our hair., He keeps on telling that, his Wife is Number 3., eh ako yun as in tawa ng tawa yung mga audience, I thought di niya talaga mahuhulan sino wife niya so for 2nd chance he had a chance to smell us again., I don't know pero ayun nahulaan na niya,. Next is my husband na,. he was asked to hold our fingers. Sobrang relief kasi for sure mahuhulaan nia kung sino ako, we have two rings kasi, our ring when we're still BF/GF and our Wedding ring..But teacher Gaily make gulo instead of my hand yung hand niya ung  pinapahawakan niya kay Junrey xempre nalito ang lolo mo,. wala daw dun yung asawa niya haha..Second chance ayun ako na,. Xempre tama siya ng hula., The 3rd Husband is to hold our hand naman, tama din ata siya and the last husband is to hold our knee correct din naman siya.. So funny game lang:) We won a pouch from mcdo.

After that eating time na,. The menu is Chicken, Spaghetti, Fries, Burger and Ice cream,..

Then Grimace came ayun iyakan galore na kami kasi nga afraid sila sa mascot.

After nun they sing and dance I have a video but then di ko na alam kung asang lupalop na, they dance gangnam.

the twins gift to their classmate was this.

I ordered it from our Supervisor,.

Then Exchange gift time,. Jeychelle got a Barbie from Stephen and Jeymie got a perfume & sanitizer from Anton. Oo tama away galore sila pag uwi kasi gusto din nung isa ay barbie.
They also got this from Anton.

We have our family pic taken but it was corrupted that's why I'm very sad talga kasi hindi na maibabalik yung moment na un unless we have a repeat?!!!

I'm showing you nalang our pictorial hehe:) Me and the twins

I'm still happy kasi kahit konti may narecover pa din sa mga pics., I will be really sad kung kahit isa wala,. that is their first Xmas Party ever tapos walang memories?? watta:) That's why I want to thank Our IT Jess for recovering the photos..Thanks a lot.:)

2013 first School Day

January 7, is their first day.. Of course excited galore ang mga bagets.
Walang dramahang nangyari..

But then when tuesday come, Jeychelle is not feeling well,. But still managed to come to school.
After class, we went to their Pedia,. Hindi kasi mkalunok I thought it might be tonsillitis since I saw reddened tonsils when I told her to open her mouth..But the pedia said that's it's not tonsillitis, According to her its Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, Some what related to cough & cold. She gave her Antibiotic.

Wednesday, Jeychelle is absent, She has a fever the night before and baka topakin lang naman and hindi din makapag concentrate so we decided na wag ng papasukin.

Thursday come, Pumasok na si jeychelle kasi naiinggit sa kapati nia., That day tinopak siya nasa room lang ako kasi ayaw niya magsulat. So I decided na hindi ko siya papasukin ng friday,.but then friday came, Papasok daw siya..

I thought of buying daktarin for singaw, actually yung hindi pala niya pagkakalunok is related to singaw meron siya sa ngala ngala & also in gums and under the tongue kaya masakit. Same with Jeymie pero sa gums lang.. I don't know why sila nagkakasingaw..They said kulang  sa Vitamin C.

So when I went to Mercury to buy milk I asked the pharmacist if pwede na sa 3 years old..Pwede na daw So I bought. When I got home nilagyan ko agad mga singaw nila kahit magwala na sila sa sakit.. then kinabukasan medyo nakakakain na sila, Sunday come Jeychelle told me "Mama wala na ako singaw., Galing na Ako" Naisip ko kahit pala mahal eh effective naman.:)

That was our First week of School for year 2013.

Twins Christmas Vacation @ Papa's Side

Last January 2 wednesday., my MIL texted me if she can borrow one of the twins, Preferably Jeychelle since she's the closest to Lolo't Lola:) As if... Sobrang Close ma-pa side ko man or side ni Junrey.
(Jeymie Kasi is much closer to us.)

Syempre I asked first the opinion of our Padre de pamilya, Although I know naman na wala siyang angal. His point is kawawa naman daw si Jeymie na maiiwan. So I suggested na pagkasoli kay Jeychelle dapat iuwi din nila si Jeymie syempre maiisip niya bakit siya hindi isinama. Though ang point naman ni MIL is kami naman daw ang malulungkot kasi wala na kaming anak hehe:)
Mega call ako kay mudra sa bahay and told her to pack jeychelle's things na..and bahala na sila kung pano nila makukuha si jeychelle ng di alam ni jeymie dahil for sure magwawala yun, tyempo naman daw na tulog pa ang mga bagets nung time na sinundo si jeychelle so mega buhat daw si madir para di magising ang Jeymie.. So ayun nga nkarating na siya ng antipolo. The plan is saturday or friday ata siya isosoli.

But then again the plan changed. Thursday, MIL texted again that they will pick up jeymie. Na-sad ako nun kasi I have a plan na lalabas kaming mag ina when I got home.I'm planning to bring her to jollibee that's what our plan. Medyo sad kasi siya talaga na wala yung kapatid niya unlike jeychelle MIL told me na hindi naman daw kami hinahanap maybe because the place is new or mejo nag eexplore pa xa. hehe Lusot na mabubuhay talaga yan si jeychelle kahit wala kami eh!

So ayun nga, sinundo din that day si jeymie. Yung feeling na pag uwi ko wala yung mga anak ko saddened me. eh ayoko yung ganung feeling so I decided to watch a movie hehe.. Niyaya ko yung mga officemate ko, We watched One More Try. I finally got home around 7pm kumakain na sila at home and making conversation about the twins, we really miss them kahit na wala pa ata 1 day na wala si jeymie sa bahay. Di ata kami masasanay kahit na makukulit sila we still want to be with them any minute.

First time namin matutulog ni Junrey ng wala ang twins..So before we sleep tinawagan muna namin sila we had small talk,,eh that time umuulan ata dun ang naririnig nalang namin eh yung pag wawala ni jeymie kasi takot siya sa tunog ng ulan tlaga so ayun kalong kalong daw ni lolo nia. Junrey & I had hard time getting our sleep, sobra kwentuhan galore lang kami. We decided na since 3:30 ang out ko ng friday, uuwi na din kmi ng Antipolo, Pupunta din kasi sa wake ng friend/classmate niya si junrey. Saturday we will be home. We have to go home early kasi maglalaba galore pa ako  good thing sat/sun ang off ko..Pasok na pasok sa plano.

MIL told me na puro laro lang naman daw ginagawa nila dun, maghabol ng mga manok at pabo hehe, enjoy sila dun kasi samin walang mga animals.Saka they enjoy playing with their cousin Yanelle.
The night we got their pinahilot din namin sila kasi di nawawalan ng ubo. Yeah we believe in that kind of thing.

Here are some of their pics.

I Don't know what's with Jeymie at nag uumiyak siya jan eh si Jeychelle nga na nauna ng hinilot eh wala namang dramang nangyari..Hay Kids!!

Did I say na sobrang lamig sa Antipolo that time Buti nalang puro pajama & may pinadalang jacket si mudra..

Their kitty glasses is from their ninang, Junrey's friend., Pahabol na gift.

And Finally, were going home
Here's Jeymie, Picture while waiting for our ride.

And here's Jeychelle who doesn't want to go home.

She cried a river. From Antipolo up to Marikina She's crying.

See her eyes,. Magang maga.. Pero pag dating naman namin ng bahay at makita ang isa pang lola ok na uli siya.