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Christmas Party -Late Post


I told you before that my memory card was corrupted andun lahat yung pics nila nung Xmas Party..Sobrang sad ko kasi I thought di na marerecover, HMmmm Narecover nga pero yung iba lang..

So let me share to you my twins Xmas party, Their First Xmas party ever.. Their party was Dec 18, 2012.
The venue is at Mcdonalds. Supposedly their will wear something red & wear santa hat.

I don't have a pic of their solo attire, it was corrupted in my memory card., that's why I'm so saaaad..

But here they are:

They wore, Sexy shorts, A blouse and a boots.

Most of them was wearing boots, its a boots day.
And their first game was to remove your shoes and be able to wear them first but you need to find your shoes first..Eh ofcourse sa dami ng kids at hindi naman marunong magsuot yung dalawa naipit pa sila sa kaguluhan ayun talo hehehe.

Then they had bring me games, Eh jan aq winner haha always ready,. Invitation ata yung pinadala,. Nanalo si jeychelle she won this.

Then After that, Join ang mga parents, Couple kasi dapat,. pinili kami ni teacher Gaily to join., 4pairs.
Dapat daw mahulaan ni Mister kung sino ang misis niya sa apat..the Husband is blindfolded.

The first Father is from other nursery section so di ko siya knows hehehe.,
The Emcee said amuyin niya yung  uhok ng apat na misis then sabihin niya kung sino yung asawa niya sa apat. So he smell our hair., He keeps on telling that, his Wife is Number 3., eh ako yun as in tawa ng tawa yung mga audience, I thought di niya talaga mahuhulan sino wife niya so for 2nd chance he had a chance to smell us again., I don't know pero ayun nahulaan na niya,. Next is my husband na,. he was asked to hold our fingers. Sobrang relief kasi for sure mahuhulaan nia kung sino ako, we have two rings kasi, our ring when we're still BF/GF and our Wedding ring..But teacher Gaily make gulo instead of my hand yung hand niya ung  pinapahawakan niya kay Junrey xempre nalito ang lolo mo,. wala daw dun yung asawa niya haha..Second chance ayun ako na,. Xempre tama siya ng hula., The 3rd Husband is to hold our hand naman, tama din ata siya and the last husband is to hold our knee correct din naman siya.. So funny game lang:) We won a pouch from mcdo.

After that eating time na,. The menu is Chicken, Spaghetti, Fries, Burger and Ice cream,..

Then Grimace came ayun iyakan galore na kami kasi nga afraid sila sa mascot.

After nun they sing and dance I have a video but then di ko na alam kung asang lupalop na, they dance gangnam.

the twins gift to their classmate was this.

I ordered it from our Supervisor,.

Then Exchange gift time,. Jeychelle got a Barbie from Stephen and Jeymie got a perfume & sanitizer from Anton. Oo tama away galore sila pag uwi kasi gusto din nung isa ay barbie.
They also got this from Anton.

We have our family pic taken but it was corrupted that's why I'm very sad talga kasi hindi na maibabalik yung moment na un unless we have a repeat?!!!

I'm showing you nalang our pictorial hehe:) Me and the twins

I'm still happy kasi kahit konti may narecover pa din sa mga pics., I will be really sad kung kahit isa wala,. that is their first Xmas Party ever tapos walang memories?? watta:) That's why I want to thank Our IT Jess for recovering the photos..Thanks a lot.:)

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