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Christmas & New Year 2012

This will be my first post for 2013,. and it should be good vibes.
I will be sharing how we celebrate our Xmas & New year this 2012,. Hmm I'm still working at that time of Xmas & New Year the good thing is I'm blessed because I'm on morning shift meaning I can be with my family during Media Noche & Noche Buena.
For our Xmas Noche Buena, We just ordered food from KFC. Less hassle and less stress pa hehe:)
It is also Maxine's 1st month that day so I bought her a cake.After eating, I let the twins open their gifts.
And of course, they are so excited and happy for what they received.

  After opening the gifts, We slept it's only 8pm that time but we need to sleep early because they will be going to have a mass early in the morning and me? I have work @ 6:30am.
Morning of Christmas day they had the mass and me to work we headed all along., After they had mass they went home & sleep hehe..That's how they celebrate the xmas, We don't usually go out since we know how traffic it will be and we don't have any place to go unlike previous xmas that we usually go to our relatives house but they are not here they celebrate they xmas in their province so we don't have a choice but to stay at home. It's almost 4pm when I arrived at home after my Shift. That's the time that my Inaanak came, Talk about timing diba? hehe..

And for our New Year Celebration, Mudra cooked Spaghetti, Menudo and I made Fruit Salad, We also have BBQ and Shanghai.We don't use Fire cracker since Jeymie is afraid of the sound created by a firework.

Mudra also completed the the 13 or 12 fruits as her tradition every year.

We just watched our neighbor's fire crackers outside..
Ah, My nephew has a firecracker a mini lusis is this what is called?
And also we are wearing Polkadots:) as a tradition hehe

Lola Bessie, Diane, and Maxine
Even papeng is wearing polka dots shorts
I'm also wearing polkadots .

And My mudras every year tradition is the candle lighting were in the first candle that melt will be your future for the year.
And this year the first that melt is yellow which means Good Spirit, Last year its money.

And look at Jeymie, She's so annoyed with the Sound of fireworks.
And yesterday January first, We went to my cousins house to get their pahabol gifts.

And pahabol gift also from Ajie, My sister's BF
They also have money gifts that I'm still keeping..We wanted to save it for their future hahahaha:)

That's how we celebrate our Holiday 2012:)

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