Martes, Enero 22, 2013

Meeting For Graduation Day of my Princessitas

Last Friday,  We had our meeting at the school, we discussed the upcoming Graduation day.
After Recess the kids were sent upstairs to watch a movie so that we, parents can concentrate with our discussion., But earlier to that I claimed my twins Report Card for third grading period. I didn't have a post regarding their 2nd grading period report card because I'm too busy that time of December.
Their grades didn't change that much., But according to teacher Gaily Jeymie is good at writing while Jeychelle is too lazy to write though she still manage to follow. Jeymie also is good at Numbers & Science. She can count 1-10 and also add to the sum of ten., She can also writes the number. I don't know what happens to Jeychelle, Ever since she's not into writing, every time we're about to write she'll say I'm tired mama I'll sleep, but then all she will do is to play, I just don't want to force her, But then I always tell her to study first before anything else..And with Regards to their behavior I think they improves a lot Because they now have Very Satisfactory remarks.

 So here's their grades.,

Jeychelle's Card

Jeymie's Card
During our meeting, teacher Gaily handed us their examination paper so that we can see how they answer their papers of course with her guide, but they definitely choose the answer,. Jeymie's scores were all good, for a 3 year old to get a 95 in math exam is great, but then I feel sad when I saw Jeychelle's Math score,.
 it's 78,  I don't know what she did during the exams.

So let's go on with our meeting, We discussed their upcoming Graduation day that will be held March 19, 2013., Practice falls down March 11-March 15,. I immediately asked how it will be going because March 11 is their bday and I'm already planning on celebrating it at the School,.Teacher Gaily suggest that I do it after practice 1pm.,  so good, We can have games because there's no class after.

We Also discussed the "gastos" hehe, Girls will pay 600 each for their grad dress, they will not be using toga.
So I will be paying automatically 1200 for the dress:) So much of gastos...
They grad fee will be 600 each also another 1200 for me PAK na PAK talaga..,and 100 each for their Grad Pic that will be held tomorrow. all in all I will pay 2600,. and not only that the shoes is white and the Pantyhose stockings pa,. So much much gastos for march so as early as now unti unti ko ng bibilhin mga kailangan for their bday para di ako masyado mabigatan sa gastos..

After the meeting we went home na, I rest rest rest, sa sobrang pahinga pagdating ng hapon I got bored., Naisip ko magpractice ng make up nila for their grad pic and sa pagflower girl nila this coming Jan 30 I'll have separate  post for that.
Naisip ko I will be using my lipstick and blush on to them baka mairitate ng face so I decided to buy them a barbie set of make ups.

So here's my pretty princessitas:


My kids are so Adorable, I'm proud to be their mom:) 

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