Lunes, Enero 14, 2013

Xmas Party with Mommies & Kids at Home -- Late post

I've already posted Their Xmas party kahit super late na., Isa pa kasi sa mga nacorrupt na pictures yung pics during our Xmas party wiht the mommies, you know who are they naman na,. My mommy friends at the school,. We've been planning this xmas party long long ahead pa,. We decided to have savings na hanggang 300 lang naman ang naipon hehe..But we still push it through. After their xmas Party at Mcdo we also had our Xmas party at home, at our house., Since I was the head aligaga hehe, I decided to have games also for the kids,. Playok ang sabit sabit ata yun hehe:)
 We also have our exchange gifts, Mother's only. We have our drawlots a week before. 200 for our exchange gift and 300 each for the food.

Our food were BBQ From Anne, , Puto & Ice cream from Rachel, Tilapia &  Spaghetti mudra cooked and Cake which  from our Contribution, the menudo is from Anne also.

After eating we had our games., And the exchange gift portion., Medyo in rush na kasi pagabi na that time.

We had fun sobra. lalo na ang kids dami candies eh hehe:)

This is what I had in our exchange gift. It's from ate Lulu

This is our exchange gift portion:

We also have our give aways, its a mug were in there's our picture. That's also what I gifted to them their couple pics.and for the kids I gave them what I gave to twins classmates the chocolates.

After the party ang dami pang natirang food,. And nakalimutan namin kainin yung ice cream,. hehe sa sobrang gulo and saya nakalimutan na yun.

Good thing talaga Rest day ko that day kaya di ako haggard,. nakapagpahinga ako the whole night kasi sobrang pagod:)  But sobrang saya.

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