Linggo, Agosto 26, 2012

Happy Bday: Rain

August 19 was the real bday of rain, Rain is not my twins classmate. He's kinder already,. I've been her mothers friend lang kasi that's why hahaha:) Yung mama niya kasi "Rachel" is may kakwentuhan in the School, and since di naman nalalayo ang edad namin naging close na din, Together with, Rose and Ate divine whose kids where also in kinder..Si Anne whose kid is Sophia and my twins were classmate in nursey. Parang tropa tropa lang kami, lahat napagkukwentuhan mahaba haba din kaya ang two hours na paghihintay ng uwian hehe.. We even went to Rose daughter, Allyza's Bday. Ganun na kami ka-close knowing we only met last july in our kids school hehe. We're also planning to go to Enchanted kingdom this november. So ayun nga napahaba ang intro ko. Since it's holiday from August 20-22 Naging August 24 na yung celebration ng bday niya sa school.
I helped rachel  together with other moms to distribute the foods. They prepare packed meals with Spaghetti and chicken and a botle of softdrinks ata yun. Like what we did in Allyza's bday we share money to buy the cake. I just gave Rain 2pcs toblerone and snickers, umatake na naman kasi yung katamaran ko mag isip ng ireregalo and isa pa mukhang mahirap regaluhan kasi techy boy sha wala akong pambili ng ipad and psp noh hehe jowk:) mahilig naman xa kumain so tama na un hehe practical lang hehe:)
Even the  parents have  foods, ganyan  kagalante hehe

Here's the pictures..I also took pics because rachel was so aligaga na kasi haha

First periodical exam Result

The result of their first periodical exam was revealed last Friday hahahaha Revealed talaga parang matinding sikreto lang hehe:). It was written in their Assignment notebook. I was shock because I'm expecting it ok but not too ok hehe:)

Jeychelle even got a perfect score in Science, which I hardly believe because We didn't even bother to review that subject because I'm confused on how I can teach it to them "the non-living ang living things?" Anu bang alam ng 3 years old dun hehehe:) I just remembered saying to them that if its moving or growing its Living things and if not it's non living things which I don't know if they understand or what hehe..

They have the same result with Math hehe nagkopyahan sila :) I'm just wondering why jeymie got only 86 with language and jeychelle 88 in reading knowing that we focused reviewing on that subject. Hay!!
Yesterday during their tutorial with teacher Gaily, teacher told me that she had to ask the twins to repeat the exam because they encircle all the choices, meaning they have 3 answers each questions. kalowka diba!

But honestly I'm happy with the result, It's a good start, and atleast may natututunan naman pala hehe:) hindi sayang ang anda!
Anyhow! dahil dun their Fadir bought them spaghetti from jollibee..At tuwang tuwa naman ang dalawang makulit..

Untill then! Next Exam uli ang update:) end of October ata:)

Linggo, Agosto 19, 2012

First Periodical Examination

Last friday ends the examination week. August 15, 16, 17 was your first periodical exam ever. Supposedly it was scheduled August 8, 9, 10 but due to “Hanging  Habagat” or Southwest Monsoon it was rescheduled because your class was suspended for almost a week from Tuesday up to Friday.  During those days that you do not have classes, we do many drills to review your past lessons. Papa did not go to work during those days because he is worried about the flood.  

Therefore, I make many reviewers for you to answer but after that, me and your papa got really tired teaching. We have thought that it’s good that we have tutor 2 times a week because we can’t really be a good teacher in terms like this, we don’t have much patience and it’s really hard to teach two kids at the same time. I do not know how Teacher Gaily,your tutor and also your adviser in school  teach you both but I salute her because it’s really hard. 


Before going to school 

August 15, was about Reading and language, August 16, was a bout math while August 17 was Science. You were asked to bring only small bag with only 1 notebook, 2 pencils and colors. Instead of 2 hours like your regular schedule, your exam takes only 1 hour so we have to go home early. 


Last Wednesday Aug 15, your papa got sick, his eye was inflamed. He thought it will be ok so he rested and didn’t go to work that day, but yesterday it’s the same and its also painful according to him so we decided to have it checked, Good thing it’s my rest day I Accompanied him to the Ophthalmologist and have it checked. According to the doctor, your father’s eye was infected and it has pus that is why it is inflamed, so he gave a prescription after we bought it we go home. Until today Friday, His eye is still inflamed and for 3 days, he didn’t go to work. He needs to rest his eyes for a while.  For this week we have lots of thing to thank for, first is that we didn’t experience flood in our area. Second that your exam week went well,. Third your father’s eye is healing.  And for other blessings that I don’t need to write down.

Twins with Paperoo

Sick Week

This week is a sick week.!! Hayst!

Last August 13 and 14, Monday and Tuesday after the long vacation due to Hanging Habagat. Jeychelle had fever, but after taking meds she’s back to normal temperature. She even manage to go to school. Ok then.. Wednesday when junrey wakes up around 3pm because he’s from night shift he’s eyes is inflamed as in swollen eyelid. He did not manage to go to work because it is painful according to him. And last Thursday we went to ophthalmologist to have it check. Until now Sunday he didn’t go to work since Wednesday. Saturday when were having our breakfast I noticed that Jeychelle had so many rashes as in all over the body she’s been scratching it because it’s itchy. I thought it is “Tigdas Hangin” but when I searched the net I got scared because it can be “German Measles”And last night when I arrive from work when I’m about to kiss Jeymie she’s literally burning with fever, we wake her up and ask her to drink meds. And then I did TSB(Tepid Sponge Bath) her fever cools down.
Papa's inflamed eye (open)

Papa's inflamed eye (Close)

Jeychelle's Rashes

The bad thing is we don’t have a pedia because our ever dearest Dra. Delmundo,
Their pedia since birth died last May. Since then we haven’t find new pedia until now that we really & badly needed one. So after Hubby had his coffee I ask him to go to Dra. Delmundo’s clinic because I saw a post there indicating the number of a pediatrician, She’s actually the reliever of Dra. Delmundo if she’s not around. I called the number good thing she answered my call I ask her if she have a clinic today. She told me If I know the V.T Maternity Hospital along MarQuinton, She told me she will be there by 9:30, she’ll just have her rounds and she’ll check on us. She told me to tell the nurse there that she’s expecting us. 

After the call I just wash my face and brush my teeth, Change our clothes and then go. We arrive by 9:15 and she’s not yet there.While waiting the twins play and run. They are still active even they are sick. She got there by 10am already but its ok knowing that it’s Sunday and she don’t have schedule for Sundays. So she checked the twins, and Jeychelle’s rashes are because of allergy she prescribed meds. And jeymie’s fever was just viral, she just gave antipyretic. The rashes should lessen today after drinking meds if not we will return to her tomorrow. According to her No to chicken, eggs and other processed food for the mean time.

So now all of them were sick.I’m the only one remaining healthy “I think”.

And its Quezon City Day. its 30% . I have work from 12pm-9pm. Its so hard to be away from your love ones knowing they are sick.I just call them from time to time to check if they were ok..I need to work because Junrey is already a week absent, and we need money for our living so mama is here to sacrifice.!!

Get well soon Papa, Jeymie AND Jeychelle..I love you all..Take your meds on time.!
I'll be home later.Mwahhhhhhhhhh

Linggo, Agosto 5, 2012

Class picture 2012-2013 (Nursery)

Last July 24, teacher Gaily write a note in their Assignment Notebook that July 25, Wednesday will be their class picture taking so no one will get absent.
July 25, I make sure that their uniform is clean and neat, I just tie tie their hair neatly and voila that's how we prepared for their class picture taking..
I'm really OC with this kind of things because I know that these pictures will be part of their memorabilias and I want them to look nice and beautiful ofcourse.
There just some delays because one of their classmate "Stephen" is sick, So first the photographer thought that he will just crop his picture and proceed even he's not yet there.But teacher Gaily texted his parents and they said that they will just drop by before they went to doctor so we waited for almost 30minutes and the kids are being impatient already.So while waiting we just take lot of pictures.

So here are some picture I took, Because I'm an PC mama, I asked teacher Gaily If I can take pictures also and she said yes, "kapalan nalang" hehe

Class picture 2012-2013

Biyernes, Agosto 3, 2012

2nd School Bday: Happy B-day Lance

Today, August 3, 2012 Lance Celebrated his bday at School.. Last Monday they distributed invitations, So last Thursday after my shift I went to Riverbanks and look for gift. I really don't have any idea what to buy so I decided that I will just buy something educational so I went to Merriam Webster bookstore and bought a book where in you can write and you can also erase what you write.. As expected all students prepared gift.. They prepared pack meal which consist of spaghetti and hotdog on stick and a juice. After cake blowing and some picture taking "Kainan Time na"..  After eating, lesson again and before going home teacher distributed the give away which makes the kids so "Magulo" so excited with the toys..Hay kids.Iniyakan pa ng kambal yung toys kasi di sila pareho so nag inggitan pa sila..

Pictures here: