Biyernes, Agosto 3, 2012

2nd School Bday: Happy B-day Lance

Today, August 3, 2012 Lance Celebrated his bday at School.. Last Monday they distributed invitations, So last Thursday after my shift I went to Riverbanks and look for gift. I really don't have any idea what to buy so I decided that I will just buy something educational so I went to Merriam Webster bookstore and bought a book where in you can write and you can also erase what you write.. As expected all students prepared gift.. They prepared pack meal which consist of spaghetti and hotdog on stick and a juice. After cake blowing and some picture taking "Kainan Time na"..  After eating, lesson again and before going home teacher distributed the give away which makes the kids so "Magulo" so excited with the toys..Hay kids.Iniyakan pa ng kambal yung toys kasi di sila pareho so nag inggitan pa sila..

Pictures here:

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