Linggo, Agosto 5, 2012

Class picture 2012-2013 (Nursery)

Last July 24, teacher Gaily write a note in their Assignment Notebook that July 25, Wednesday will be their class picture taking so no one will get absent.
July 25, I make sure that their uniform is clean and neat, I just tie tie their hair neatly and voila that's how we prepared for their class picture taking..
I'm really OC with this kind of things because I know that these pictures will be part of their memorabilias and I want them to look nice and beautiful ofcourse.
There just some delays because one of their classmate "Stephen" is sick, So first the photographer thought that he will just crop his picture and proceed even he's not yet there.But teacher Gaily texted his parents and they said that they will just drop by before they went to doctor so we waited for almost 30minutes and the kids are being impatient already.So while waiting we just take lot of pictures.

So here are some picture I took, Because I'm an PC mama, I asked teacher Gaily If I can take pictures also and she said yes, "kapalan nalang" hehe

Class picture 2012-2013

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