Linggo, Agosto 19, 2012

Sick Week

This week is a sick week.!! Hayst!

Last August 13 and 14, Monday and Tuesday after the long vacation due to Hanging Habagat. Jeychelle had fever, but after taking meds she’s back to normal temperature. She even manage to go to school. Ok then.. Wednesday when junrey wakes up around 3pm because he’s from night shift he’s eyes is inflamed as in swollen eyelid. He did not manage to go to work because it is painful according to him. And last Thursday we went to ophthalmologist to have it check. Until now Sunday he didn’t go to work since Wednesday. Saturday when were having our breakfast I noticed that Jeychelle had so many rashes as in all over the body she’s been scratching it because it’s itchy. I thought it is “Tigdas Hangin” but when I searched the net I got scared because it can be “German Measles”And last night when I arrive from work when I’m about to kiss Jeymie she’s literally burning with fever, we wake her up and ask her to drink meds. And then I did TSB(Tepid Sponge Bath) her fever cools down.
Papa's inflamed eye (open)

Papa's inflamed eye (Close)

Jeychelle's Rashes

The bad thing is we don’t have a pedia because our ever dearest Dra. Delmundo,
Their pedia since birth died last May. Since then we haven’t find new pedia until now that we really & badly needed one. So after Hubby had his coffee I ask him to go to Dra. Delmundo’s clinic because I saw a post there indicating the number of a pediatrician, She’s actually the reliever of Dra. Delmundo if she’s not around. I called the number good thing she answered my call I ask her if she have a clinic today. She told me If I know the V.T Maternity Hospital along MarQuinton, She told me she will be there by 9:30, she’ll just have her rounds and she’ll check on us. She told me to tell the nurse there that she’s expecting us. 

After the call I just wash my face and brush my teeth, Change our clothes and then go. We arrive by 9:15 and she’s not yet there.While waiting the twins play and run. They are still active even they are sick. She got there by 10am already but its ok knowing that it’s Sunday and she don’t have schedule for Sundays. So she checked the twins, and Jeychelle’s rashes are because of allergy she prescribed meds. And jeymie’s fever was just viral, she just gave antipyretic. The rashes should lessen today after drinking meds if not we will return to her tomorrow. According to her No to chicken, eggs and other processed food for the mean time.

So now all of them were sick.I’m the only one remaining healthy “I think”.

And its Quezon City Day. its 30% . I have work from 12pm-9pm. Its so hard to be away from your love ones knowing they are sick.I just call them from time to time to check if they were ok..I need to work because Junrey is already a week absent, and we need money for our living so mama is here to sacrifice.!!

Get well soon Papa, Jeymie AND Jeychelle..I love you all..Take your meds on time.!
I'll be home later.Mwahhhhhhhhhh

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