Linggo, Agosto 26, 2012

First periodical exam Result

The result of their first periodical exam was revealed last Friday hahahaha Revealed talaga parang matinding sikreto lang hehe:). It was written in their Assignment notebook. I was shock because I'm expecting it ok but not too ok hehe:)

Jeychelle even got a perfect score in Science, which I hardly believe because We didn't even bother to review that subject because I'm confused on how I can teach it to them "the non-living ang living things?" Anu bang alam ng 3 years old dun hehehe:) I just remembered saying to them that if its moving or growing its Living things and if not it's non living things which I don't know if they understand or what hehe..

They have the same result with Math hehe nagkopyahan sila :) I'm just wondering why jeymie got only 86 with language and jeychelle 88 in reading knowing that we focused reviewing on that subject. Hay!!
Yesterday during their tutorial with teacher Gaily, teacher told me that she had to ask the twins to repeat the exam because they encircle all the choices, meaning they have 3 answers each questions. kalowka diba!

But honestly I'm happy with the result, It's a good start, and atleast may natututunan naman pala hehe:) hindi sayang ang anda!
Anyhow! dahil dun their Fadir bought them spaghetti from jollibee..At tuwang tuwa naman ang dalawang makulit..

Untill then! Next Exam uli ang update:) end of October ata:)

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