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First Periodical Examination

Last friday ends the examination week. August 15, 16, 17 was your first periodical exam ever. Supposedly it was scheduled August 8, 9, 10 but due to “Hanging  Habagat” or Southwest Monsoon it was rescheduled because your class was suspended for almost a week from Tuesday up to Friday.  During those days that you do not have classes, we do many drills to review your past lessons. Papa did not go to work during those days because he is worried about the flood.  

Therefore, I make many reviewers for you to answer but after that, me and your papa got really tired teaching. We have thought that it’s good that we have tutor 2 times a week because we can’t really be a good teacher in terms like this, we don’t have much patience and it’s really hard to teach two kids at the same time. I do not know how Teacher Gaily,your tutor and also your adviser in school  teach you both but I salute her because it’s really hard. 


Before going to school 

August 15, was about Reading and language, August 16, was a bout math while August 17 was Science. You were asked to bring only small bag with only 1 notebook, 2 pencils and colors. Instead of 2 hours like your regular schedule, your exam takes only 1 hour so we have to go home early. 


Last Wednesday Aug 15, your papa got sick, his eye was inflamed. He thought it will be ok so he rested and didn’t go to work that day, but yesterday it’s the same and its also painful according to him so we decided to have it checked, Good thing it’s my rest day I Accompanied him to the Ophthalmologist and have it checked. According to the doctor, your father’s eye was infected and it has pus that is why it is inflamed, so he gave a prescription after we bought it we go home. Until today Friday, His eye is still inflamed and for 3 days, he didn’t go to work. He needs to rest his eyes for a while.  For this week we have lots of thing to thank for, first is that we didn’t experience flood in our area. Second that your exam week went well,. Third your father’s eye is healing.  And for other blessings that I don’t need to write down.

Twins with Paperoo

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