Lunes, Mayo 7, 2012

10th day-17th day on School

Pahabol update sa schooling ng twins..
This post if for their 10th day up to 17th day..

10th day

11th day
12th day

13th day

14th day

15th day

16th day

17th day

During their 14th day, one of their classmate celebrated his birthday But I'll have a separate post about his birthday. :)

Nothing Special naman happens during those days aside sa mga kakulitan nila.See the pics below:

During break (jeychelle)

Break time (jeymie)

Early bird kami kaya picture picture muna




mabait daw kunwari

loving it:)

That goes our 10th day up to 7th day of school.

Next Post will be about Julian's Birthday and more on the twins School escapade.

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