Huwebes, Pebrero 14, 2013

February Happenings

First of all I would like to greet you a Happy Valentines day,.

This post is about the happenings for late January and first part of February, Actually hindi naman ganun kadami haha..Just some of the Highlights.

First, the upcoming end of the school year hehehe..which I like most, xempre 2 months akong pahinga galore sa paghatid-sundo.. About the twins schooling so far they're ok naman, they know how to count, add and subtract,. Sometimes they forgot the letters that I don't know if Arte lang or what.

Here's their pic at school with Anton & Yoel:)

Second, It's ash Wednesday last Feb 13, and it's the first time for the twins to have cross in their forehead..Jeymie was iritated, but for Jeychelle it's just if parang wala lang..:) She doesn't care at all kung anu man ung nilagay ni Father sa noo niya.

Jeymie: Mama, alis to dirty eh.
Mama: No, its ok maalis din yan ng kusa.
(So kaka..Ang arte lang ng peg)

After the mass, we headed home kasi may class pa nagmamadali lang ang peg namin coz sa sobrang daldal ni father 7am na pala.

Third, Last night together with my officemates,. we watched Warm Bodies in SM North. I had the chance to look for a barbie necklace, bracelet and ring.. Jeymie always ask me to buy her a ring.Since it's a valentines day that will be my gift to them.

They were so happy when they saw this, Pinagmalaki agad nila kay papa nila..And they can't wait for the morning because I promised them that they can wear it at the School.

I also bought heart Balloon at the National Bookstore for teacher Gaily, I don' have time to buy flowers and flowers were too expensive hehehe:)

And this is their picture at the bulletin board in their school.

And lastly,. Their first Valentines Card for Us..their Parents.

Event though I can't understand what they wrote, I'm still happy because it was made for Us.

And tomorrow, they will celebrate Valentines day at the school. They move it for friday so that they can have more time "daw" according to teacher Gaily.

That's all for now..Happy Valentines Day again Everyone:)

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