Huwebes, Pebrero 21, 2013

Happy Bday: Lola Condring

Last February 19 was MIL's Birthday, She's turning 54.. Papeng and I decided to come over.. Papeng didn't go to work, and as for me it's my Day off, but I'm from night shift. And the twins didn't come to school..They waited for me to come home and we headed to Antipolo. We first bought cake from Red Ribbon.

We arrived almost 9am in the morning.. The kids played as if there's no other day..

Here's papeng with the kids:)

Yanelle have this small plastic animal toys, where in they put on a rope and they are pulling it..They call that black one as "baw" short for kalabaw..

 While Us have some chit chats..MIL said that she's not expecting visitors.. When lunch came we had Tinolang manok cooked by my FIL.. After that I rested at the sofa in the living room..I didn't expect that I will sleep,. I was shocked when I open my eyes and saw many people in the living room..hahaha..As in I was not awaken by their chitchats and noise..

That's the cake & The 3 Granddaughters.

Here's Yanelle & Me:)

Here's the twins:)

And here's a view of their place..So relaxing and calming.

Around 5pm when we decided to go home. We still need to pass by SM Marikina to change the size of the sandals I bought last monday,. It's too small for them..

Finally we got home around 8PM..Were all dead tired..After we wash we got off to bed and went to dream land.

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