Biyernes, Marso 22, 2013


I've been in blog hiatus again for couple of weeks..Kinda busy,. Busy preparing for the twins birthday.
I've been planning their birthday since December but I started to do the shopping just this February 2 weeks before the day.
Since their bday fall on monday, March 11, and it's already their graduation practice, instead of 8:30-10:30am schedule it was changed to 10:30-1pm so teacher gaily told us to have the party after the practice.

February 20, when I decided to go to Divisoria to buy their dress, giveaways and other things needed.
I was accompanied by Rachel, my mommy/friend in school.

Give aways
Pencil case
Balloons, Piñata, Tissue
Twins with their give aways

We decided to have jollibee for the kids food, Spaghetti with hamburger, and Pancit Palabok and Pizza for the parents or yaya's.
We had cupcakes for the kids, I ordered it from Ramos Bakery. Red ribbon triple chocolate for cake blowing, I just bought princess figurine for the cake to look personalized:)
And I DIY the cupcake topper. and also the tag. We also have ID necklace as give away, it is personalized with their classmates names.
I also design the tarp. and the mineral water is also DIY. Yeah I'm so "Masipag" hehehehe
Mineral Water




Here's the twins before going to school, I bought their dress at Divisoria,.their papa accompanied them to school because I still need to prepare the hotdogs on stick and to pick up the cakes and the jollibee. 
Good thing My sister inlaw have a car and they help me pick up the foods.

Love love

Here's the twins blowing their cakes.
Blowing of cakes
Their classmates eating:)

yum yum

After eating, we had games, the first game is bring me..then thr piñata and the pasabit..Kids really had fun.



with teacher Gaily


After the games, distribution of give aways:)

Here's their gifts from their classmates and friends
me with twins
Lola with twins
Opening gifts, see how excited they are.

Opening gifts
This is mama's gift., A kitchen set.

All in all, I'm satisfied with their bday celebration not that "Bongga" but I'm proud to say that it's from our own sweat and from our own money and effort.

Love you my twins, hope you also had a blast. I know you enjoyed your party well..I'm sorry that after your party mama still needs to work..Ok lang kahit puyat and pagod., we need to work for your benefit. 

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