Linggo, Marso 24, 2013

Allan & Leny Wedding

Today, We went to Junrey's Cousin wedding in Cavite. I'm not close to them, although I knew them, (Bang dami naman kasing kamaganak ni junrey) hehehehe. Ate leny which Junrey usually calls is already 35 years old.(Yis te, Naunahan pa siya ni junrey)

My inlaws pick us up around 4am, but something came up.The car where my Sister in law was using malfunctioned,.I don't know exactly what happen so we went back to get Yanelle to go with us because she's one of the Flower Girls,.By the way Yanelle is Junrey's niece, as of this writing my sister in law is pregnant for their second child and soon to give birth by the end of march or first week of April.

We arrived around 6am at the bride's house, had breakfast. And Junrey told me that we will be going to his Uncle Richard (my Father in laws Brother), Junrey once lived with his uncle when his still unmarried and had to work in Cavite. So together with the twins we went there riding a tri-bike.

We had hard time finding their house because they already transferred and junrey is not familiar with the place. We had some chitchat and then went back to the bride's house.

Here's Junrey with cousin RenWin.Yeah his cousin is only 3 years old hehe..Uncle Isad is a late bloomer:)

When we came back,I had to put make up on yanelle. 

Me with yanelle

By 9:30 we went to the Church.



Bride&Groom with Yanelle

Family of the Bride & Groom

Family of the Bride & Groom

Bride & Groom


My Father in Law was proxy ninong:)


Family pics

After the wedding we went to the reception, It's at the Groom's place. I was shocked because it was in the middle of Rice Field.
This will be my first time attending a wedding reception.I had hard time walking down because I wore 3 inches heels hehe..(Buti nalang, Mega alalay si papa Junrey)

This picture was so nice:) Candid!

The twins enjoyed their stay, hey had time playing with "dayami"?? not so sure what it is..The only problem is it's really Hot as in hot,. The twins had to change for the 3rd time because of sweat.

Jeychelle playing in the Rice Field

rey's cousins

rey's cousins

Me with yanelle
After eating, we decided to go home. Because me and rey still have work.

Here's the last picture,before going home.

We arrived home around 5pm..So dead tired but happy because we were able to join the newly wed in their next journey..

Congrats! May you live happily ever after..

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