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Moving up Ceremony 2013

Last March 19 was the twins Promotion Ceremony, They will be on kinder next year.
They're not in the usual "toga" what they wore was a dress, with white stockings and white shoes.
This is my first time to attend a graduation that is not the usual "toga" but then what can I do its the school's decision. When we had our meeting last February they already made the decision and just informing the parents.

This is it..The day we've been waiting for almost a year. I can't imagine myself walking with my kid to have their diploma and medal..Oh by the way they have awards..Jeymie is the most Sociable student and Jeychelle is the Most Active..

Parents will walk in stage with their kids. The place were so hot, but we can't go near our kids as per the teachers advice during the final practice..the kids were so irritated add to their outfit stockings and dress.

Papa with twins

They also had their marching of the graduates..

Kids line up.

Here's jeychelle:) See the parents? hehehe
Almost no space for the kids to walk down

And here's ate jeymie:)

After the students, Their teachers and school Staff.

After that, Prayer, lead by Prep student.

They sang the Lupang hinirang and Marikina Hymn

And some speech,. Then giving of diploma's and awards,.

Here's Jeychelle with Papa.

And Jeymie with Me.

After distribution of diploma's and awards.
The Nursery students dance to the tune of Starship..

After that, The Kinder also dance as well as Prep..Then The teacher's also had their own presentation.

Papeng needs to go by 5pm so I called the twins to have their goodbye kiss to their papa and also have our pictorial outside.

The last part will be their Batch dance/Song Live while were young

After their dance they had their class picture per class.

Jeychelle with Mama

Jeymie with Mama

After the ceremony we go home, Because we still need to go to Sitti's house, We'll have our dinner there.

Our celebration was advanced, We had our Salo-Salo lunch before the Graduation, I just ordered at Greenwich because were not expecting visitors only my inlaws.

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