Sabado, Pebrero 16, 2013

Late Valentines Celebration @ School

Like what I said in my previous Post, They Celebrated the Valentines day February 15 instead of Feb 14.. The reason why is for them to have more time and it also falls on friday, P.E day..

The Kids were asked to wear red shirt, and their P.E Shorts..Ang sad part dun when I checked the twins cabinet, aba walang kahit isang red na damit..Puro violet, orange and yellow ang meron naka naman..So last monday ngarag akong pumunta ng Sta lucia to but their red shirt,.nakabili naman ako.

They were also asked to bring something to give to their classmates.. I decided to just give chocolates and candies..Curly tops and assorted candies that I bought when we had our groceries.

So when recess came,.ayan na kagulo na..One of their classmate bring spaghetti, Barbecue and sandwich.
The rest are candies and C2 with chocolate biscuit.

Don't mind the pic with ice cream, I'll have a different blog post abut that.

After eating if you call that eating,.because they were busy playing and eating chocolates first they didn't mind eating the spaghetti,. so  in the end I was the one who eats the food..So busog.

They practice their dance for the graduation..then have the chance to play then by 10:30 time to go home..

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