Sabado, Pebrero 16, 2013

Happy Bday: Anne

Aside from valentines celebration at the school, It's also Anne's bday..Anne if you can remember her,. She is Sophia's mom..Sophia is twin's classmate but she transferred to different school now, but every time we have party or any celebration they are still present..

Again like we always do, we shared bday cake for her.. She brings ice cream and ham roll also.. So after the class we decided to stay at ate divine's house the one near our school to eat,. we can't stay longer because I still have work. So after eating we headed home..

Here's our bday pictures that day..:)

moms in the school

That's me with stephanie

our food

anne, me and rachelle with twins & pia

Even we didn't see each other everyday, You were always in our mind, we always talk about you and include you in every plans we made..Happy Birthday Anne wish you more bdays to come..take care always and be happy.:)

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