Lunes, Nobyembre 4, 2013

Trick or Treat 2013

Last October 27, It's a Sunday.  The twins experienced their first Trick or Treat ever.

I registered them at riverbanks TOT, I paid 225, 175 for the Registration ad 50 for Jollibee kids club membership.

They wore a WonderWoman costume, I choose that because it's easy to move and also comfortable.

Rey's family side also came with us..Yanyan also Signed up.

Here's their Pics:

No pics while getting/collecting candies. Sobrang haggard kasi kakatakbo that's why di na maasikaso mag pics.

Here's the twins with mama and papa.

 Here's the twins with lolo and lola:

Here's the twins with other kids:

Additional pics:

The crying jeymie, natakot sa mga nakacostume.

And here are the candies the have for their first trick or treat ever..hehehe

Sobrang dami ng nakuhang candies as in, hanggang ngayun meron pa kami sa bahay hindi ko alam kung kelan siya mauubos. hehehe..

That's all!!

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