Martes, Oktubre 29, 2013


I've been in blog hiatus for 2 weeks, Don't know why?! Kinda busy lang sa work? Sa koreanovela and everything hehehehe

Anyway, I'm here to make kwento about the twins UN, first time nila 'to.
The UN was held last Oct 24., They start it with parade that starts at 7am so early diba, then we proceed in The Covered court near the school for bigger venue. They performed different dance, from different country of Course.. And without further ado I want to show you my beautiful twins: ( So proud mama lang here)

Guess what country they portray?  Yes it's EGYPT!

For the whole week, wala kami ginawa kundi magpractice kung pano ang magiging make up nila kaso, at the end I settle na ipa-make up nalang sila. Buti nalang Diane knows someone na marunong mag make up ayun Gorabels na.

And Diane Straightened their hair.

Here's their Close up Picture:

Papeng also didn't go to work that day, full support kami sa twins, Lola and diane also came at the program.

First let me show you some pictures during the parade.

They were the one holding the banner for their section.

And here are some pics with their Classmates:

And here's their pics with their teachers:

And also their pictures with papeng and mama:

And with lolo and lola:

And also with maxine:

And here are my friend mommies in school:

You can also View their dance in You tube. and here's Jubilee song , Top of The world.

You can view all the pictures in my  FB account if were friends hehehe:)

That's all., My next post is about their Trick or Treat @ riverbanks.:)

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