Martes, Hunyo 26, 2012

Paying off..

I recently posted here that I'm sad because I was not able to send the twins in school for two consecutive days due to tight schedule..
So for this week we had our new schedule for the whole month only hehehe.. Every month we change schedules, and for this month I will not be able to send the twins every Friday because I'm on morning shift., Monday and Tuesday I will be Graveyard so it's fine and Wednesday and Thursday is mama's Day Off so no hassle. Mega Explain of my schedule talaga?! haha

So ayun na nga to pay off my guilt this Monday even though I'm kinda "bangenge sa antok" I promised that I will be the one to send you to school.. Plus Plus because it's also your Papa's Day Off  so imagine the fun in your face when you learned that mama and papa will send you to school? and this will be the first time your papa will see you in your uniform because for the first week of the class Papa is on day shift that's why he hardly sees you..and to pay off also papa assists you takes a bath and cooks your breakfast..

But the bad part is, Your too clingy to your papa to the extent that you make "arte" especially ate Jeymie when were already in the school you want your papa to come inside the room with you, but your papa don't want to go inside so just to have you enter the room I accompanied you and you don't want me also to go out even though I have lots of "Palusot" Like wiwi lang si mama..but when you already have your activity and your already busy as a bee with your colors I escaped, good thing you didn't notice it hehe.

So while outside the room me and your papa conclude that it's not a good idea to have him accompanying you to school. That's why if only we had a choice we will never let it happen that papa will be the one sending you to school. 

So today even your papa is still at home because his shift is also graveyard, he was left at home to clean the house and I'm the one sending you to school,. Because we all know that your a little bit afraid to mama than your papa..

Sharing our pictures with your Papa:

We love you Ate mie mie and ate jeychelle..Papa and Mama were doing their best to give you the life you were dreaming of.. There will be a time that mama or papa will not be there beside you but always remember that even though were not there personally, in our minds and in our hearts your always there.

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  1. Very nice pictures of you, Your twins are very cute. How old are they?

  2. Your twins will surely look back at this when they grow up. They will remember that you and your husband prepared them for school everytime you can, and you did with all the love and care :)