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Preparing for school year 2012-2013

The first day of school can be challenging and perhaps frightening for the parent as well as the child.

My twins turned three last March. My husband feels very strongly about our twins not going to preschool and just starting kindergarten when they turns five.I attended preschool when I was  young but my husband was not, so my husband doesn't feel it's important.

For me There are advantages to preschools, primarily that they are the foundations for academic learning.The presence of other children and a wide variety of materials are two big reasons why a preschool is a good thing.The chance to interact with other children is the benefit of preschool, Interacting with other children means learning how to wait, how to take turns, and how to listen.Young children learn social skills when they interact with other children. These social skills are critical to a developing personality.

I believe preschool is beneficial and can do many things that will help children be successful when formal school begins.

And I can say that my decision is right when I enrolled them in their summer class, they learned a lot.

And now, we are preparing for the "real" schooling. We've been preparing since the start of the year and it seems we're reaching for our goal.

We're 90% ready for the school year 2012-2013.. Last week, me and hubby do our school supplies shopping. We didn't bring the twins so no hassle.


2 for the twins

We had hard time deciding on what bag we will choose, We have many things to consider like the books so heavy, the comfort of the kids and especially if it will not become a toy for them.. Because I can sense that if we buy the stroller bag they will just play around as if they are push-pulling.
 A mama in me sense that it will not be beneficial if we buy the stroller bag because I know that they will just play for it inside their room..Once we we're in the mall they saw stroller bags and they can't stop playing push-pulling it, good thing the salesman is too kind not to spoil their "kakulitan"

Just sharing their "kakulitan" during our christmas shopping last December..

"pili-pili daw"

may nakasukbit na gusto pa yung malaki:)

As if bibilhin namin higit higit na nila

saying mama I want this:)

Iuuwi na nia talaga:)

Now, Do you think I will buy a stroller bag if I know that it will not be used as bag and it will be a toy for them.

 We decided to buy this bag, First the books will fit in and they will not need to put the books in an envelope.Second, Comfortable to bring, less hassle for mama since the twins cannot carry their bag, 
it's too heavy for them.Third, its Barbie,. Their favorite character..and additional is the color Pink and violet combination mama's favorite hehehehehe:)

their bags:)

 And since we bought two bags, the sales man give this barbie mug as free "daw" If I know this is really included in the package..Bad thing is I didn't  notice that he gave us different Style..The twins both opt to choose the Mug with barbie pictures because the other one is plain. We just brain washed one of them and say that simplicity is beauty.hehehehe
"free Mug"

Then we also bought the school supplies, I decided to stock on for pencils and papers since bookstore is kinda far from our house and we don't regularly go in a bookstore so better have stocks.

We decided to buy Large colors because during their summer class they break their colors into pieces and I thought that they will have hard time breaking the large colors.Hope so!
School supplies:)
 We also bought them socks which is not included in the pics I forgot:( We opt to buy burlington because of its comfy texture..Knowing my twins they don't want to wear socks because they feel irritated,. I don't know why.We also bought mini handkerchiefs, which is jeychelle's "bilin".

 And this is their shoes, we also had hard time choosing because they don't have sizes since the twins feet were kinda small..We wanted it to be barbie also but sad to say they don't have the size for the style we wanted. so we opt to buy in the disney princess and this is what we had.
their shoes

I can say that its much harder to shop for school supplies and other kids things than shopping for your own  because you wanted to give the very best for them.

I just need to wash their School uniform and we're ready! Yay I haven't covered their books yet because I'm still waiting for the sticker name I ordered.

Mama & Papa hopes that you will do good this school tear like what you've done in your summer class.
We will be here guiding you in every step you take.We Love you much much..Mama is so excited for the first day of school.. Busy making list of baon to be and for your breakfast::)

So  much for this preparation..hehehehe

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  1. where did you order the sticker name? yan, din kulang sa kin. still undecided kung magprint na lang ko, maghanap ng kiosk sa mall or umorder online. hehe!

    Mga Tugon
    1. Search mu po sa FB SPrints Ph.. jan ako nag order compared sa iba mas mura sakanya saka madami kang Choices..nagpagawa nga din ako ng sticker name na pwede ipanlagay sa pencils and crayons lagi kasi nawawala mga crayons nila eh:) Hassle kasi kung ako ang magpri-print saka wala akong talent sa pagdedesign hahahaha.:)

  2. One of the main reasons (in my point of view.) for early childhood education is so the child can get some social interaction with other children their age outside of the home (different environment).
    Personally, I went through early childhood education so I could learn to socialise with other children my age

  3. I went to pre-school too but I don't remember much from those times. I do remember doing a lot of arts though, and I think that's where I got my love for crafting.

    Will it really make a lot of difference to kids behaviour if they go through pre-school? How do you choose a good school?

  4. They are sooo cute. Twins pa, double cuteness, double joy. :)

  5. is it hard to have twins? if i would have children, i would like to have twins.