Martes, Hulyo 3, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: Count Your Blessings!

Blessed are those who give without remembering. And blessed are those who take without forgetting.

For this weeks "Meme", I will be sharing the blessings our family had for this past weeks. It's my routine every night or at least every time I sleep to think over for that day and Thank God for every blessings He's giving,  not only me but also every member of my Family.

1.I was able to send my twins to school,which is sometimes impossible because of work schedule. and also able to teach them their homework which is my hubby's task.

2. Done doing the groceries and budgeting our monthly allowance and be able to stick on our budget..That's a blessing for me because usually we really exceed in our monthly budget because of some not so really important things. and surely a blessing because We still have foods to eat in our table unlike others.

3. A day off from everything! It was great. Junrey and I together with the Twins spent lots of time together & watched movies. I also had the chance to play in the rain with the twins and its a blast they really enjoyed it and don't want to stop, But it's too cold and I'm worried for their health so even they are crying I didn't give in and asked them to go inside and take a bath in out Comfort Room instead.

4. I have my health, my work, my home, a decent salary. And more. Some would say that's waaay too much!

5. I had a wonderful nights sleep during my Off.. Being in Night shift for almost 3months now I'm having hard time getting my sleep because my body clock didn't want to cooperate.

6. I'm grateful for being alive. And nothing tops being loved too!

Sharing this quotes which I really love: 
Life is not about receiving at all times; it is a combination of being thankful for what you have as blessings and sharing those blessings with others who need a little fraction of what you have.  

Sometimes we don't realize the blessings we have until we no longer have them. Appreciate all the blessings in your life, take none for granted.  

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BC Blogger Meme:  BC Bloggers Meme: Count Your Blessings!

10 komento:

  1. it's also a challenge for me to stick to budgets when doing grocery! :D

  2. that's a great share sis.. we really should appreciate everything that we have..:)

  3. Simply being alive is a blessing! I definitely agree on that:)

  4. It's hard to stick to grocery budgets sometimes. Haha!

  5. Simple things can be a blessing if we know how to appreciate every bit of what's coming our way! God bless you more!

  6. I can see that your twins are quite blessed to have a mom like you. :-)

  7. haveing a good health is already a blessing.

  8. Budgeting is also a big challenge for me. Like you I always end up stretching our budget...Congrats! I hope I can do better in budgeting...was here for BC Blogger Meme.

  9. Play in the rain! Wow! I think one of the best things we could give our children is the happy memory of their parents spending time with them, without necessarily spending money.

  10. I am a sucker when it comes to budgeting. hopefully i will learn to stay on my monthly budget :)