Biyernes, Hulyo 6, 2012

First Parent Teacher Meeting

Today is friday again, and as expected for this month I will not be able to send you to school. Sad feeling again and worse I will miss your first Parent Teacher Meeting.Hay! How I wish They just postponed it and hoping that it will fall on monday to thursday but it didn't happen until this day,. Oh sure I can file a leave or just make absent but today will also our Monthly meeting in office so Mama don't have a choice. The meeting was set far behind than your PTA meeting, Mama was so sorry,.
As a paranoid mom I always wanted to be the first to know what are the plans and topics to be discussed because I know it will be all about your studies and everything. Since I can't be there, and your Papa is on graveyard shift, He will be the one attending the meeting and this will also be the first time he will send you to school ALONE..hehe so goodluck to him and goodluck to me coz for sure there will be disaster again later when I got home and checked your things for sure there will be lost color or pen like what happen the last time he accompany you to school, because your father didn't care to check if your things were intact, He trust you both so much that you know how to keep and take care of your things, but with me well, I'm just double checking heheh of course I trust you but it's better to be sure.

So now as I type here, Papa and mama were texting,. our plan was when the meeting will start I'll be calling your papa and also listen to the meeting as if I'm there but sad to say your papa's phone was near dead batt,He forgot to charge his phone,.So I just make "Bilin" to the max that he listens well to every detail because I don't want my kids to be left behind!!

Now I'm starving for information about the meeting but for sure your papa will not text me, we will just talk about that at home so now I want to go home already haha... bye for now mama's meeting will also start now. Good luck to us all. Take care there my two little cuties!

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  1. i know how you feel.
    if hubby's left alone with my daughter, i totally give out instructions which are are not followed as well. :)
    it seems moms knows how to juggle everything.

    Little Zoie's Steps

  2. Oh, we're in the same boat! I cannot sit still if I'm out and my little girl is left with her dad! tsk tsk.

  3. It's hard to relax and believe Dads can handle things, but they can.

  4. i am sure that your husband did a great job!!!

  5. It seems that Mama is really worried about her babies.