Miyerkules, Hulyo 4, 2012

First Activity: Modelling Clay

Last Friday, June 29 I wasn't able to send the twins to school because I'm on Morning shift so like what we did every time I'm not available, My nephew and his wife were the one accompanying you to school. And today is somehow special day to me "I Wish" because today you will be having your first Activity. Last Thursday your teacher already told us (parents) that you will be having your activity and also told us to bring 32 pesos for the clay. So as expected I instructed your Ate diane to bring the cam to capture that moment. I told her to ask your teacher if she can come inside to watch and take some shots since I was not there and I also want to see what you're doing,. Teacher Gaily let your ate diane and kuya totong watch inside. And to my surprise  they really did a great job you have so much pictures that day and also videos. Your first activity was a blast and according to ate diane you did cooperate and enjoy the activity.

So here sharing your pictures: PS: Picture overload! hehe

See they had lots of pictures, Looking at these pictures makes me feel I'm also there. The photographer did a great job..Thanks diane and totong for accompanying them.

My twins really enjoyed their first activity.Looking forward for more:) And hoping I will be there to witness.

4 (na) komento:

  1. Nice colorful pix and the playing dough. Good to see the twins enjoying their activities at school. :)


  2. mukhang nag-enjopy talaga silang gawin ang mga clay creations nila :)

  3. Awww! I would definitely be excited as well for my BabyLove's first day of school.

  4. Ang cute naman ng twins mo sis. You're so blessed talaga!