Miyerkules, Hulyo 4, 2012

First School ID

Last Monday, Teacher Gaily distributed their ID's.. and during their recess time my twins proudly show me their First ID..Jeychelle even told me " Kaw mama wala ka ID ako meron na" I told her I have my ID at home and I had lots of ID and soon she will be..At home I show them my company ID and they say my ID was different,  but of course theirs was so colorful hehe. Look at this.

Side kwento, when they show me their ID's I don't know if teacher was mistakenly gave Jeychelle's ID to Jeymie and Jeymie's ID to Jeychelle,. Because when they were out for recess Jeymie was shouting "Ako Jeychelle" ..Until now teacher Gaily was having hard time recognizing who's who, that's why she told me to always bring with them their Name Tags.
I'm looking for a plastic ID cover so that my twins won't have the chance to ruin their first ID because I'm planning to keep all these things for memorabilia purposes.

5 komento:

  1. kami wala pa rin ID. july na. hehe!

  2. They need their IDs for the sake of their teacher. :D

  3. I'm sure naloloka ang teacher lalo na with the number of her students plus your twins. How do you differentiate them?