Miyerkules, Setyembre 4, 2013

First Periodical Exam Result..

Yeah right. Yesterday I wasn't able to accompany the twins in school, I feel so "Borlogs" , Super tired to the max I don't know why It's still the first day of the week, Night sleep and rest is really different compare with day sleep, But what can I do that's a life of a call center agent. I need to adjust. That's why, Nanay and Diane were the one's who accompany the twins, Additional burden to me is that Jeymie's on and off fever.

The day was great, No books, Notebooks or anything missing, I right down what are the things Diane needs to check before going home and I think she did a great job.

When I checked their assignments I saw that Teacher Lota and Rizza already write the results of the exam..

Well for me, their scores were enough, until I got a text message from other moms, I feel sad, because their scores were a bit low than others. Anywoo we better try harder next time. Maybe we really need to have tutor. ah right I haven't shared that we stop the tutorial in SMART. I just don't feel that's the kind of strategy they need. Maybe I'll talk to teacher Rizza one of this days that I'll be getting her service as their tutor.

Here's their exam result.:

Compare, Some what the same for me, there are subjects were jeymie is high but same with jeychelle also.

And here's their assignment for today, They will bring flowers.They are the one who write it in their notebook. Check whose hand writing is best, If you can understand it hahaha

Jeymie's writing

Jeychelle's Writing

I think I can understand what jeychelle wrote than what jeymie did..I think you bet.

Till later. I'll post later what flowers they bring.

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