Huwebes, Setyembre 12, 2013

The Fruits...

Yesterday, They were asked to bring 5 different kinds of fruits, But they should recognize the name of the fruit. So after class, I need to go to the bank, that's why I also headed to market, Jeymie accompanied me. 
I bought Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Lanzones, Banana, and Riped Mango.

I decided to buy a basket where  they will put their fruits, but I saw this mini clear box, It's so cute for only 50each. I think the fruits will fit in that's why I bought it.

So here they are:

I Also bought that new hairband so cute, Princess peg.

Here's the Fruits:

When they go home they have 6 stars in the hand because they brought 6 fruits.
And the fruits were so "lamog" hehehehe

AH I have side kwento, I attended the orientation in Kumon yesterday, Hay it took almost 3 hours, kakainip.The twins will try their 2 weeks trial together with Gelo.
I'll make kwento about that more when they had their diagnostic exam.

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