Martes, Setyembre 17, 2013

KUMON Free Trial

Today was the twins first day in Kumon's free trial, It will only last for 2 weeks.

I grabbed this opportunity, because I'm still scouting for a good tutorial or any enhancement method for their Subjects., Specially that we can't really focus on them, additional reason is because they are not listening to me when I'm the one teaching and also I don't have PATIENCE hahaha that's it.. Junrey can tolerate them but not everyday because he is also tired from work, He can just assist them with assignments and that's it.

So ayun nga, Si mudra and diane muna naghatid sakanila sa school kanina so I can Sleep, then I woke up quarter to four because their schedule was 4:30.. We're on time naman 5pm out na sila, they gave us their Assignment for tomorrow and we will be back on Thursday.

here's what they have:

This is additional assignment for Jeychelle, Medyo hindi daw kasi maganda grip niya sa pen and hindi tama yung stroke ng sulat.. Mas mabilis din natapos si Jeymie sa seatwork nia so ayun nauna na siya maging makulit.:)

After Kumon, we went to South Supermarket, Yes kasama ko ang dalawang makulit. Bumili lang kami ng Gift for Jheprie their classmate, he will be celebrating his Birthday tomorrow at school kasi.

You notice nilagyan ko ng mark ang mga photos ko? haha trip ko lang! Matrabaho pala hahaha

O siya till tomorrow for Jephrie's Birthday nalang.:)

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