Biyernes, Nobyembre 23, 2012

Happy Bday: Sophia

Nov 18 is Sophia's real birthday, but since 18 falls down on a Sunday, which is their family day we opt to celebrate her bday Tuesday Nov 20.. She celebrated her bday at our house,. They seem to be more comfortable in our home hehehehe that's why they keep on coming back.. Anyway Let me share some facts/info about Sophia.. Pia is one of the chubby-slash-Cute classmate of the twin.. but sadly she opt to to study in obelisk and stop schooling since last October if I'm not mistaken,.but that didn't stop our friendship since her mom also became one of my circle of friends we still do txting and chatting thru FB,. We still have the connection hehe..:) We already planned her bday long long time ago hehe even before she stop schooling..So we decided to do it last tuesday.. We had palabok, chicken, Puto ofcourse, pizza, Ice cream and cake that we mommies shared. I also gave kids a looties hehe trip ko lang ba:)I thought of having games but tinamad na ako hehe mega tsismisan kasi so pinamigay ko nalang mga candies..

We missed pia a lot, it's almost 2 months since she stop schooling., So this bday party is a bonding time for the kids again.. My twins never forget pia, they always says her name and every time they hear me saying her name they will ask where is pia now..

I'm happy that we shared this moment with Pia..More bday's to come:)

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